Electrification of your fleet 

Allego delivers a charging solution no matter what business you’re in. Allego can power your workforce with sustainable, affordable charging solutions. 

Charging solutions How we work
Charging in the public space

You are in control

Our EV cloud and business services help you easily manage and monitor your charging infrastructure. Via an online portal you keep in control of your charging solutions.

  • Insights and Reporting
  • Charge point Management and Operation
  • Manage access to your chargers
  • Billing and reimbursement
  • Load balancing and smart charging
More about EV-Cloud
Auto in de zon

How we work

Allego gets your business moving

From first call to first charge, this is how Allego can get your business moving:

  • Research and evaluate the impact of e-mobility on your business. 
  • Visit you to discuss possible solutions and provide a quote  
  • If required then we will arrange an independent electrical inspection 
  • Install chargers and EV portal workshop  
  • But we won’t stop there. Allego offers continued evaluation and reporting to help you offer the most economical charging sessions 


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