Network Status overview

Network connectivity issues

Currently there are no network interruptions. Do you have a question about the availability of a specific charger? Please check our charge point information page.

Fast charging hubs known issues

Belgium Gentbrugge - Ternat - Antwerp

Germany Achern - Bissendorf - Lippetal - Aichstetten - Quirla - Hohen Neuendorf - Luebbenau - Eichenzell - Satteldorf - Oberhonnefeld - Dresden - Ottersberg - Rostock

Netherlands Eindhoven - Urmond - Leiderdorp - Vuren - Bunnik - Deventer - Eemnes - Uden - Oosterhout


We make sure that there is at least 1 fast charger available at all times. After the upgrade our chargers will offer an improved charging experience.

Temporary closed locations

Location is closed due to a damaged transformer. Expected reopening August 2022.

Location is temporarily closed due to hardware issues.

Visit our project page to see which locations are closed and when.