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Enhancing your EV charging experience: changes to our charging network

13 Sep 2023

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles, we're always looking for ways to better serve our valued customers. As part of our commitment to providing the best charging experience, we're adapting to the latest industry trends and technologies.

Understanding 43 kW AC charging

The 43 kW AC charging method uses a Type 2 charging cable, known for its user-friendly seven-pin connection at both ends. This method allows for fast charging of your EV up to 43 kW. In comparison, regular AC chargers offer speeds up to 22 kW, while DC charging can go up to a whopping 400 kW.

A look at the trends

To put things into perspective, in 2021, only 5.7% of new EVs sold in Europe were compatible with the 43 kW AC charger. This trend is expected to continue, with fewer EVs supporting this charging method in the future.

Our commitment to the future

Our goal is to ensure that our charging network meets the needs of the majority of EV drivers. As a result, we're gradually phasing out the triple chargers that offer 43 kW AC charging. This transition will be gradual, but it does mean that the availability of these specific connectors will decrease over time.

What this means for you

If you're an EV driver who relies on this charging option, rest assured, you'll still be able to charge your vehicle as usual. However, the availability of AC fast charging will be reduced.

Finding Your Ideal Charger Made Easy

We know how important convenience is for our EV community. To help you locate our fast AC chargers, simply visit our website and use our intuitive filtering options. By selecting "Type 2" combined with "fast chargers", you'll quickly find the most suitable charger near you. Your seamless charging experience is just a click away!

You can find the locations that support 43 kW AC charging on our map using the filter Type 2 - fast chargers