New partnership with Dinners in Sweden

11 aug 2021

We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Dinners, a well-known restaurant group in the North of Europe. This partnership is key to expand our fast charging network into Northern Europe, along its major transport corridors.

While we are present in 12 European markets today, where we operate a network of 26.000 sockets, this partnership marks our first real entry in the Northern European market. We are very pleased with Dinners as a partner as their locations tick all of our boxes when looking for the perfect fast charging locations. All of the Dinners locations have great proximity to major highways, offer a range of peripheral services like excellent healthy food restaurant catering, a homely atmosphere, lavatories, WiFi and a well-lit charging location. In turn, we offer a range of EV charging services and speeds for all electric vehicle makes and models, whilst facilitating all types of payment methods. We will also enable direct credit and debit card payments on our chargers to further facilitate their ease of use. 


Dinners are located in Enköping, Arboga, Ödeshög, Gävlebro and most recently in Mariestad. Currently Dinners is expanding to multiple new locations around Sweden. At these new sites a new formula is foreseen called meeting point. The meeting point concept will integrate additional services like a coffeeshop, candy store, country store and a Dinners food market. The first location with the new formula is Dinners Mariestad.


Call to the market


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